This is a prime example of working collaboratively with a customer to find an end result. They allowed us the freedom to make these colors work and highlight the design of the base; not just paint it.


Before. Simple MDF board carved in an intricate Greek key pattern. The square opening in the medallion is the size of the chandelier base; we found this base to be small as compared to the size of the glass unit itself. and hence offered a little suggestion…


…which was to allow us to faux a hammered metal decorative finish to give the chandelier more “umph” at its base.


We had to match colors for the base coat and glaze coat, then use an appropriate tool to achieve the desired effect. In this case, we had to actually construct a tool to do the job.


Even under close inspection the colors and patterns come very close to the original.


Four coats of protective satin polyurethane completes the look, making a mere medallion into a true work of art, worthy of showing off to your friends, neighbors and relatives. We offer so many more ideas on our Pinterest page as well. http://www.pinterest.com/mwsllc


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