Masterworks Studio, LLC is a Mechanicsburg-based complete painting company. Founded by Christopher Schultz, we offer clients meticulous interior and exterior painting and a wide range of faux and decorative effects from real venetian plaster, marbling and wood graining, to parchment, crackle and murals. We are trained in the ancient art of true faux finishing where the paintwork literally creates the illusion of real materials. So whether you’re looking for a warm, subtle color – or the latest New York City specialty finishes – we can service your needs.

Christopher Schultz is a Master’s degree-educated former Environmental Scientist who finally had enough of the corporate life and decided to pursue a creative passion sparked over 25 years ago. He gained valuable and practical experience over the years working for a number of high-end residential painting contractors. That’s where he rubbed elbows with the “old guys” who showed him how to do it right and…well, made fun of him when he did it wrong. Whether it’s outside on an extension ladder or inside on a stepladder, he’s pretty much done it all.

He’s always searching for color inspiration and new decorative finishes by scouring the web and devouring decorating magazines, and he especially loves using Pinterest to keep up with current trends. View a collection of Idea Boards and some more of his work at www.pinterest.com/mwsllc.*

Masterworks Studio respects your property and does its best to keep it paint-, mud-, dirt-, and candy-wrapper free. Having a contractor around is an inconvenience, so we always keep that in mind by minimizing any disturbances. But that doesn’t mean you won’t hear us apologize every once in a while anyway.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent color and decorative consultation, to exceed your expectations, and (of course) to earn a reasonable profit. We set a high bar for ourselves so you can be sure we’ll be striving to meet or exceed your standards. By choosing Masterworks Studio you will be hiring a company that stands behind it’s work and is ready to provide you with exceptional service for your current and future needs. We know you’ll be excited to show off your new paintwork or decorative finish, and we’ll be proud to say it was done by Masterworks Studio.

* Christopher has attended quite a number of hands-on classes at Dundean Studios, one of the most prestigious specialty and decorative arts working studios in the country. Located in Chatham, New Jersey – only minutes from New York City – Dundean Studios was established by Dean Sickler, a well-respected heavyweight within the field of professional decorative painting; he has executed numerous decorative and art commissions across North America, and has lectured, exhibited and demonstrated his artwork around the world.  You can view his commissions at www.dundean.com.


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