Our staff has worked on projects for the Wills House, Beech Spring Farm, the Brafferton Inn, and for President Reagan’s Deputy Chief of Staff. We do excellent work, and get many referrals for traditional, faux and decorative painting from area Sherwin Williams stores. Contact Crissy and Cheney in Mechanicsburg/Enola, or Lynn and Darryl in Gettysburg. And just read what our clients say about us:

“Oh my goodness!  It’s perfect!”     – Bridget S. in Gettysburg

“Just wanted to thank you for all the painting you did at our house.  I really like the wall in the living room.”     – Dan B. in Halifax

“I just stopped and looked around the dining room and found myself smiling…so you are accomplishing my goal.  Thought you’d want to know.”     – Kathy S. in Camp Hill

“You are an excellent painter.”     – Jayne S. in Orrtanna

“You’ve been a tremendous help and I am very satisfied and happy…I can’t get that beautiful color out of my mind!”     – Susan W. in Gettysburg

“I just sat in my living room and looked at that [antique copper metallic] wall all evening…”     -Elaine S. in Gettysburg

“We love the colors!”     -Sherrie H. in Mechanicsburg

“The columns are gorgeous; they look like marble.  Could you now put together an estimate for the entire exterior of the house?”    – Guy C. in Goldsboro

-“I never thought of painting it that color!”     – Margie C. in Enola

-“That looks really wonderful.  Now that you’re done, I was also thinking of painting stripes in the bathroom…”     -Anne M. in Camp Hill

“You’re right: the columns really do look like stone.”     -Marian S. in Gettysburg

“The lines are very straight.”     -Devang P. in Mechanicsburg

“That’s paint?  It looks exactly like marble!  How did you do that?”     –  A common exclamation upon viewing our portfolio.


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